Creativity - beating the year's challenges

Although it (still) feels like groundhog day and I couldn't tell you what day of the week it is, we've made some progress this year despite all the barriers we've been up against. When I say 'we', I mean fellow potter husband aka ClilverdArt and myself. So, we are still learning to use social media efficiently and regularly, much to the annoyance of our (grown up) children, who demonstrate amazing patience when constantly asked for reminders on how to tackle the most basic activities. BUT, my amazing husband has given our garden studio a huge makeover, including roof and floor, meaning everything was piled up in a tent and not accessible for a couple of months but we now have a warmer vinyl floor, better positioned wood burner that really chucks some heat out, only the occasional drip (!) and a marvellous wall-to-wall workbench with shelving and storage underneath. So we've been cracking along with renewed vigour and finally getting the time to explore new areas in ceramics; he has been making some quite wonderful moon jars and I'm starting to explore underglazes.

In August, I was absolutely delighted to be invited to lend my fruit bowl to a tv programme, which will be aired next year and is very exciting, giving me a much needed boost at the time. This is part of the Cornish rock pool theme, based on wonderful childhood memories of family holidays in Prussia Cove. I enjoyed applying the glazes in this with a loose hand and the sea green is one of my favourites.

I am about to get some kits together, presently for Christmas but new ideas are being developed for the new year so you can make ceramics in the comfort of your own homes with access to videos, instructions and ideas online as well as firing your finished pieces. Sitting in front of a camera is way out of my comfort zone so please be kind :) I hope to get some 'paint your own ceramics' kits out this week which will include Christmas tree hangings, so watch this space x

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