Friendships and journeys

This simple button has been on a journey; from my Lincolnshire studio to the Isle of Lewis, where it was attached to this stunning wool shawl then bought by a very special woman I am proud to call my friend who gifted to me. After making connections with Miriam, who created this on her incredible loom, I immediately fell in love with her work and lifestyle and never dreamed I would be the very proud owner of these autumn colours. Please do take a moment to read her beautiful story (link below).

Everyone I know has been on a difficult journey this year and it has been more important than usual to value the short good ones that give us joy. I am thankful that we have been together as a family over the last few weeks and found time to think about those no longer with us.

True friends are hard to find. We know we don't need to buy things for each other; the pleasure of giving is something of deeper value. Mostly time and laughter is all we need and boy do we have plenty of that. Thank you Moni for being you. Wishing for us all to go into a healthier year ahead x

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