Art and crafts have always been at the forefront of my life.  I was raised in a home that was filled with creativity, in which my sister and I were encouraged to enter design competitions and were introduced to numerous mediums and styles to help us develop skills and explore interests.  Whilst studying for a degree in art history, I became increasingly drawn to the organic and tactile elements of clay, which I find to be therapeutic.  Ceramics has been my favoured medium since 2010. 


I am interested in early architecture, ancient history and social history, however my primary source of inspiration comes from the natural world, especially the local woodlands, Wolds and beaches where I live in Lincolnshire.  With my husband, I share a ceramic studio in our garden amongst wildflowers and a vegetable allotment.  This environment influences my work, as I use these materials for inspiration and for studying pattern and texture by using the imprints from veined leaves or seed heads.  I try to work with the earth rather than against it as the clay has qualities which should be left untouched.  Rough surfaces are a common feature in my work and reflect this concept of balance between design and chance, between man made and natural.

Art is a wonderful form of expression that anyone can develop so, by organising regular workshops, I hope that others can have the opportunity to use and enjoy clay.  I hold a City & Guilds Level 4 Teaching qualification in FE and I am fully DBS checked.  I can provide an inclusive environment in workshops that supports all ages, abilities and interests.  I work with schools to support exploration through art and design.

My work is on permanent exhibition in York's Blossom Street Gallery as well as in Arttopia in Cleethorpes.

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